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Are you studious ?

Below is the recommendation and reference answer for question "Are you studious ?" It was collected and sorted by the editor of this site but not sure the answer is entirely accurate.

yea but my grades aren't as good as i want them to be

Super studious! That's why I got scholarship in college and became an honor student when I graduated.

I am a better student than an employee though!

not really

indubiously ;)


13 distinctions out of 22 subjects over three years. currently my last year in varsity, looking forward to getting four more.

Im going to start being next year(freshmen year)


not really,,,

I dont think I am

Not by definition cuz im terrible at studying, but in school I always did all of my homework and turned in every assignment on time. I took honors classes and AP classes in High School and did well. I graduated #27 in my class out of about 650.