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Nature vrs. Nurture ??? Does my statement make any sense?

In the concepts of nature v. nurture, choose one of these concepts and discuss the (potential impact) on the development of personality, identity, temperament, or social interaction. ( command from professor)

Responce from me :
This is really hard for me because I feel strongly that with out nurture nature would not change and vice versa. Think about natural selection. Natural selection is the outcome of a animals attempt to survive in its environment. Natural selection will choose weather or not a species will survive. As stated in our text book " The Developing Person Through Life Span" seventh edition, by Kathline Stassen Berger; Selective Adaptation is , " The process by which humans and other organism gradually adjust to their environment. Specifically, the frequency of a particular genetic trait in a population increases or decrease over generations, depending on weather or not the trait contributes to the survival and reproductive ability or members of that population"(pg G-12). Berger mentioned in her article " Practical Applications", that " Type 2 diabetes is increasing in the United States, partly because obesity leads to expression of the genetic vulnerability(Schwartz & Porte, 2005)"pg77. In my perspective, if I raise my child eating nothing but junk and don't promote activity then he is "vulnerable" to a change in his genetics due to the body adapting to that lifestyle and thus passing the life style and the " vulnerabilities" on his or her children and then descendants will be likely to carry the gene to promote type 2 diabetes. If the descendants are raised in a town where being inactive was unacceptable then the social situa tion would force those decedents( hypothetically) to change life style to comply with social standards. In result changing the "vulnerability".

Any thoughts?

Hope this makes sense :)

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