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Tips for positive thinking?

i need to change my thoughts to be more positive. im done being a negative person.

any suggestions?

love your life. be happy and always smile. hang out with your friends. find a good partner and live life to the fullest!

most importantly, build a relationship with God. :)

First, go to a war zone. Then, get caught by rebel troops. live a year as their slave. After a year, get rescued by the American army and go to your counter. If you arrive at your house, everything will seem positive.

Just say: why the **** am i sad? F*** this, ima change my life. The next person who insults me gets a free broken nose.

i'm in many cases an exceedingly confident individual whilst it includes the worldwide. First you're able to appreciate the little issues in existence. heavily, step returned from each and every thing and scale it right down to how enormously that flower is, how lovable that mom and newborn are. as quickly as you have have been given them, it purely comes right down to questioning the sturdy could desire to truly take place, and what you learn whilst some thing stressful happens. instead of questioning it incredibly is the top of the worldwide because of the fact your maximum suitable pal stabbed you interior the returned, think of approximately the way it's going to make you a extra advantageous individual, the precious lesson you discovered.

Positive thinking is not ignoring reality. Bad things happen to positive and negative people alike (though Law of Attraction advocates may disagree). The difference is that positive thinkers tend to look for the best in a situation. That doesn't mean they ignore the negative event, just that they accept it and look for ways to make things more positive.

Positive thinkers believe that good things abound, that opportunities exist aplenty, and that the majority of people are positive and well-meaning.
If your habit until now has been to think negatively, to expect the worst in situations, and to be cynical about life in general, ask yourself if this way of thinking is bringing you happiness. If not, perhaps it's time to explore a new way of thinking--positive thinking.

As with any life change, it's critical that you are committed and ready to make the change. Changing an habitual life process is no small feat. It will take your full commitment along with the support and help of others.

At the end of each day, reflect on the positives of the day. What went right and why? Rather than focusing on what went wrong, focus instead on what you learned.
Become very aware of your thinking. Notice when you think positively and congratulate yourself. Also notice when you think negatively and convert your thoughts to a more positive view.
At the end of the day repeat this affirmation: I am an optimistic, hopeful, positive thinking person.
Before going to sleep, reflect upon what you're looking forward to the next day.
We are here to help each other. We hope it helps. Take care as always!