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Threadfin rainbow fish?

Hello! I saw a bunch of these in a near by store, but the peeps working didn't know much about them. So I decided to doa a little reading up on them.
I read these little guys are very peaceful and vulnerable to fin nippers. So I was wondering if they would be ok with guppy. I think they would, since the guppy would be very peaceful, but would they leave the males fins alone?
I also read that in the wild they feed on crustaceans, so would they be a danger to shrimp? I have some very, very small cherry reds right now, abot a quarter of an inch.
Also, about how big do they tend to get? I know they are schooling fish and read that they'd do best with a few males and females. Would they prefer a ration like that of the guppies or do they not mind how many males and females there are?
Thanks in advance for the info!

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