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How is it fair that informants can go around and...?

...meet people, and get them to sell drugs, etc. Then the informants turn in the person that they set up to the police, because they work with them. Yet the informants themselves are people that are trying to get out of a crime so they won't have go to prison or anything. Isn't this like basically blaming others and setting them up? I thought the American Justice System was at least a little better than that. I mean, haven't we learned from history that blaming others so you can get out of a mess is wrong? Look at The Crucible for example. People were blaming each other for being witches, and this was so long ago, yet now in 2009, basically the same thing is happening. One person sells drugs and gets into trouble, and the police tell them that they can get out of it if they rat out on someone else that's selling drugs. Tell me, how is this fair at all, especially in such a developed country like the USA?

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