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Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis?

My brother was going to refinish this voilin that was my stepgrandfather's, grandfather's violin. My mom just got it back from him today and I looked inside and this is what it says at the top for the name ...then under that is....
Faciebat ANNO 1713 ....maybe 1745
Made in Czechoslovaka

I googled it and on line it said that if you had one of these the amount would be phoneminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is there anyone out there that would know more on this?

Don't get to excited. It probably not a genuine Stradivarius, although it may still be of very high quality. Stradivarius was an *Italian* maker who only created about 1100 instruments in his lifetime. He died in 1937. The practice of putting fake labels on real violins is very common, and the odds of yours being the genuine article is almost nil. However, the fake label on a violin isn't usually an indication of its quality. It may still be an excellent violin.

If it was made in Czechoslovakia, it is not a Stradivarius. Antonio Stradivari lived in worked in Cremona, Italy. What is more, Czechoslovakia only existed in the twentieth century (1918-1993), centuries after Stradivari died.

All of that said, you should have it looked at by a professional. Find a store that specializes in bowed string instruments and take it there.

As an aside, even if it is a twentieth century knock-off, you should never refinish an old violin, it could destroy its sound.