Pregnancy & Parenting » Baby Names » Which name do you like better, James or Dimitri?

Which name do you like better, James or Dimitri?

The name is for my baby boy who is due in 2 months!
I love both names and I cant pick one.
What do you guys think?
Thank you in advance.

I suggest you use both - James Dimitri.


I'm due in 6 weeks and was also looking at both those specific names for our baby. I was thinking of James Dimitri or vise versa Dimitri James. My husband is Greek so we are limited to names of Greek origin. Research the the names a little more if you decide to use them both together as i wanted to but was told Dimitri can be translated to either Jim or James. Best of luck and Congrats!

i love them both but i would say Dimitri
and congrads

I like Dimitri James, but James Dimitri also works. I guess the order depends on the last name and how they flow. But either way,the names work well with each other.

James =] Hands down.

What about James Dimitri?
If I had to pick, it would be James.

James :)


Use Dimitri as the middle name :)

DIMITRI SOUNDS HOT ♥ I love it! James is more traditional, like you can't really go wrong with naming a baby James. But, personally, I think Dimitri is just so handsome and unique. It's one of those names that makes you think of a hot model from Europe! LOL!