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What is totalitarian nationalism?

Its for Modern History homework, i need about a paragraph but any info would be good.


I bet there are lots of info about that on wikipedia.

Define Totalitarian

Totalitarian nationalism... never heard of it...

But using terminology..

Totalitarianism- a form of government where the state controls every aspect of society. Ruled by a totalitarian (dictator)

Nationalism- belief in your nation and in the sovereignty of your nation. If I was for example, an Russian nationalist, I would probably always buy Russian-made products, I would constantly support Russia in its international disputes, and I might even go to the extent and say that the Russian people are superior to other people.

Combine the two and you will probably have this..

A form of government where the state controls all aspects of society while pursuing nationalist doctrines. An example would probably be Nazi Germany. Hitler ruled as a tyrant; his Nazi Party controlled everything. He also used nationalist propaganda, declaring that the Aryan race was the master race that will rule the world. Jews, Russians, Slavs and others were inferior.

I'm not a hundred percent sure on my definition, this is just what I think it is.