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Richelle Mead - Vampire Academy: Dimitri? (Shadow Kiss Spoilers!)?

Can Dimitri be GONE? My sexxy Russian turned STRIGOI?!? I refuse to believe it. Can Mason be wrong? Would Mason have a reason to lie to Rose? Could Lissa maybe "heal" Dimitri? She can bring back the dead. Dimitri is undead, right? Could Adrian play a part? Any ideas?

I have two theories for what happened to him.

☻He turned into a Strigoi...

Yeah, I know that thought sucks, but I think we should keep our minds open for that possibility.

Maybe Mason is not lying after all.

He may go next to Siberia, where his family resides. But after that, what would he do next? Kill his family? Turn them into Strgois?

If he really became a Strigoi, then we will see master vs. his student fights coming on. I think that will be exciting.

But I think somehow he can be turn back into a vampire/dhampir. Like the Red Fledglings of House of Night Series by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast, I think Strigois like Demitri need to choose their humanity.

Spirit-users Adrian & Lisa could also play a part of turning him back into a dhampir. They maybe could 'heal' him but not the way they heal living things.

Or Rose can be the one who will heal him after all. She is 'shadow-kissed' so I think she has some power that can help Demetri. Plus, love proved to be a powerful thing... Just look at some novels... Love made their characters overcome almost-impossible obstacles.

☻...Or the Strigois just kept him for a meal later.

Well, I think this another possibility, a possibility that more bearable than the first one. But this theory is also the less believable one.

Could Mason have been lying after all?

No, I don't think so...

So, I mean that this theory is the the I less believe.

But if this what really happened to Demetri, will Rose be able to save him before he is turned into a Strigoi?

I really can't wait for the fourth book in the Vampire Academy, Blood Promise!

Hope my ideas helped!

OHH I can't wait to find out what happens in Blood Promise!! This book is going to be awsome, I can just feel it!! I remember some time ago that Richelle mentioned in her yahoo group that a lot of book 4 will take place in Siberia, so I'm really excited about how Rose's travels will go.

Wouldn't that be cool if she ran into Dimitri's family? That would be so awsome.

Hmm... I don't want to believe that Dimitri is Strigoi, but I think he is. I don't think Mason would lie to Rose about that. I don't think he even has a reason to lie to her.

I think Lissa could heal Dimitri. But I think it should be Rose to save him. It would be weird for Dimitri to be shadow kissed. How would it be for him if he could feel everything Lissa feels? Rose doesn't even like it. It would be really weird for him, especially when she's with Christian. Eww... can you just imagine?

I'm not sure what Adrian will do. But I don't want Adrian to get with Rose!! She doesn't even love him. She needs to be able to save Dimitri because she belongs with him!! But I think Adrian will help her out. He's already loaned her money.

I'm so afraid about when Rose will finally confront Dimitri as a Strigoi. I hope she doesn't kill him. And I hope he doesn't try to kill her. But there will have to be some kind of battle right? Student versus teacher.

I just hope nobody else dies!!

I really do think Dimitri is Strigoi, as much as that sucks!!
No, I don't think Mason would lie to Rose. He doesn't have a reason to because he loved her. He might not have understood her when he was alive, but I think he always wanted her to be happy. He could be wrong about Dimitri, but I don't think he is. Afterall, he was right about Eddie still being alive and he was right about where the Strigoi had taken him and the others they captured.

I don't really know if Lissa could heal Dimitri, since he's not actually "dead". His soul is gone. I think Rose is going to have to get it back somehow since she's connected to the world of death. Do you remember the blackness that was forming behind Andre when Rose saw all the dead people on the plane? I think that might have something to do with how Rose is going to rescue Dimitri's soul. It's on page 245 in Shadow Kiss.

I think Adrian might assist in saving Dimitri, but I really think it will ultimately be Rose that does the actual saving. Her friends will undoubtedly help her along the way. I'm sure we'll see Adrian in her dreams, and most likely Lissa will learn how to dream walk too.

I'm thinking that Rose is going to go to Siberia to look for Dimitri and that she'll run into his psychic ex-guardian grandmother along the way. She'll need some sort of guide to help her out. I'd really like to see Rose visit a dhampir commune too. As Dimitri said, they aren't so bad. She'd probably really appreciate it, especially if she spent time with Dimitri's family where he grew up. :)

Also, I think we might see Rose's father at some point too, since we now know his name.