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Aussie lovers! Is the stray that I found actually an Aussie?

I picked up a stray with a worn-out collar, no tags, on the side of the road two years ago because she was almost dead, and I didn't want her to have to die on the side of the road. Took her to the vet and it turned out that the only thing wrong with her is that she was starving and had mange, so I ended up with a dog.

I had just assumed she was a Heinz 57 because I found her in Nowheresville, Tennessee, in a very rural area. So I posted on YA, just for fun, what breeds people thought she had in her, and the answers that got all the votes were Australian Shepherd answers.

Having no idea what Aussies looked like, I googled images, and while the coloring of most of them was completely different, I came upon these. These look exactly like my dog; I mean, this dog could be her twin:

Here is my dog. By the way, her hair crimps when it is damp, and she's super-soft:

Now, the pictures are from a BYB or something in Canada, who breeds "miniature" Australian Shepherds. I know that Aussies come in one size and the mini stuff is a bunch of crap, but... Are "mini" Aussies just runt Aussies bred together to produce smaller dogs (e.g. "teacups"), or are Aussies bred with another breed of dog to make smaller mixes that look like Aussies (e.g. "miniature Dalmatians), or are they really not Aussies AT ALL but just a cross that looks like an Aussie (e.g. Miniature Pinschers)?

She weighs 50 pounds so the "miniature" part is questionable, but I'd like to know if she is ACTUALLY Australian shepherd because... she's kind of a weird dog, and if she IS an Aussie (or mostly a single breed), I'd like to read up on the breed so that I can better provide for her needs. For the most part I have only had hunting dogs for my entire life, and I've NEVER had a herding breed.

So please no mean answers... She's not worth any more or less if she's an Aussie versus a Heinz 57, and I would certainly never tell people I had a "miniature Australian Shepherd." I just want to care for my dog in the best way possible, and I'm wondering if some of her weirdness is a herding instinct that she can't express properly.

she looks like an aussie, but with something mixed into her. Maybe a lab or something. but there is almost certinatly aussie in her

she looks just like my Sally, she is pit\choc lab\golden.

my beagle ran away 6 years ago I hope someone like you picked her up

she looks like a mix of dogs.

But not a pure aussie, lest as far as my knowledge goes..i've never seen a full bred black aussie. Most aussie are two colors or a tri color.

It very well could be. Her head shape is similar to a border collie or an australian shepherd. The all black is a bit strange, I haven't seen that before but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. She looks as though she could be a cross between a lab/rottweiler and an aussie.
They do have those Breed I.D. tests that you could give her to find out exactly what she is if you're interested. I wanted to do one on my Aussie Mutt, but I didn't get a chance before he passed away. =( If you do get a breed I.D. test done, inform me!

I would need to see her standing but she could have Aussie in her. I hesitate to say she is purebred because of the brindling in her tan points. Brindling is almost unheard of in Aussies, not impossible, just pretty darn unusual.

Australian shepherds come in black, red, red merle and blue merle all with or WITHOUT white and/OR copper trim. In other words there can be solid back Aussies. There can be solid red Aussies. There can be Black and Tan Aussies or Black and white and so on...

She isn't that dissimilar to my Champion *****:

For those of you confused about the colors accepted in the breed please visit the Illustrated Standard:

There are black Australian Shepherds, or almost all black, she has a little copper on her legs so she'd be a bi. I can't tell if she all aussie but does look like she has a lot of aussie. Aussies are very smart and trainable so enjoy her :-)

Most Aussies have a tri-coloring or two coloring, a color and white. So I wouldn't assume that she is a full Aussie.

Miniature Australian Shepherds are I believe runts being bred together to produce smaller ones. But I may be wrong since I don't look into BYB's breeds that much.

She looks like an Aussie mix, but I can't really guess what she's mixed with, sorry!

Good luck with her!

She looks like she could definitely be an Aussie mix. For fun you might take her to a herding instinct test and see how she does.

I have had several herding breeds, and they herd EVERYTHING. I have seen them herd a ground squirrel into its burrow, and then circle it to keep it in its "pen". They love to try to herd cats and people. They sometimes decide to add to their herd when we are hiking, and the poor person has little choice but to walk with us or be nagged the whole time. They love to herd other dogs at the dog park. And yes, they can be pretty weird.

She looks pretty Aussie to me.

The thing with Aussies is that if you go to a breeder that's mostly interested in show, you'll find very accurate representations of the breed in pictures all the internet. But if you go to a breeder that's breeding primarily for working dogs, you find all kinds of sorta strange looking color combos that don't quite match the descriptions set down for color in breed stands and all. That's because people who are breeding mostly for working dogs don't really give a hoo haa about the dogs color. They just want that working ability. Since you found her in a very rural area, that kind of scenerio would make sense.

There are a lot of misconceptions about mini Aussies. A lot of people think they are just bred down smaller versions of the Aussie. Most are not. Most have been mixed with other small breeds to acheive the smaller size. This is why the Aussie parent club and AKC frown on them. They are mixed breeds, so they are mutts that look like Aussies. (And I say that being someone who can actually find a place in the world for these little dogs. From what I've heard, they make great little apartment dogs for people who want a smaller dog. I have heard some bad stories about tempments though ...)

I'd be curious to know what kind of behavior you're seeing that seems weird lol. I know Aussies better than any other breed, so I can can give you a lot of insight there. Feel free to pm me.

KO forgot to mention that the acceptable colors are just for show purposes. it's not really a representation of all the colors that are possible with Aussies. It's just that those are the ones that people who register their dogs breed for. There is an underworld of people who breed strictly for work - and that's where you'll see all the weird colors coming up.

Kinda interesting really ...