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If someone divorced me can i remarry?

i didnt want to get a divorce they divorced me and no i didnt cheat on them and they didnt cheat on me the bible says not to remarry after divorce but what if i didnt want the divorce and since then had a child with someone who wants to marry me. i just recently found out divorce was a sin and jurt rtarted trying to live a 2hrisuian life.

Only Catholicism deems you cannot remarry- unless (!) you get it absolved by the Church itself. Otherwise, feel free to remarry if that is what YOU want to do and that is what will make you and the child happy.

Strange you don't seem bothered by having a relationship outside marriage and conceiving a child by it, why would you worry about church doctrine on remarriage since you seem to be well along in what the church classes as "sinning"???

just sayin'

Difficult question. I'm glad that you are trying to live a Christian life. The best advice I can give is to confess your sin to God and ask Him to forgive you, then don't do it again. God promises He will forgive. Sin always has consequences. Just learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them.
I'm glad that you are now a Christian!
One more thing - stop living in sin. You should stop having sex with your fiance until you are married. Just because you have already done it doesn't make it right to keep doing it.

Divorce is not in itself any kind of a sin. There is no sin if you remarry after a divorce if the original ceremony was purely a civil marriage. However, if you you were originally married by a minister, you are urged to pursue an annulment of your first marriage through your Church. You seem to have a pretty good case. If such were granted, you would then be allowed to remarry without sin.

Divorce is not part of God's plan for us, but He does not consider remarriage a sin.

It's sad, but in the United States nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce. The most important thing in life is just being happy and if you're marriage wasn't successful then you need to move on and find happiness. I am not a very religious person but do believe that the bible and it's teachings tell you to live a happy and honest life. I don't think that you finding a new love and remarrying is a sin because if that's what makes you happy then that is the most important thing in life, so to answer your question, yes, you can remarry after you are divorced.

You can remarry. God forgives sin and if you have sought His forgiveness for the divorce (even though you didn't initialized the process) then it is forgotten in His book. The only thing about divorce and second marriages is that it affects your ability to hold certain positions in some churches. Such as - they may not allow you to become a deacon in a Baptist church or an elder if you are Presbyterian. Some churches don't adhere to this strictness, others do. When my husband was nominated for the Session in the Presbyterian church, he went to the preacher and told him he wasn't sure he was allowed to hold the position because he has been divorced and remarried. Our preacher prayed on it and researched it in the Bible, came back to him and said that as he understands it that he could. Since he was married to only one woman at a time, he was still qualified to hold the office. Interpretation of the guidelines varies from church to church. God will bless your second marriage if you ask Him to. It will not keep you from going to Heaven as long as you have taken Jesus as your Lord and Savior. That and trying to live by God's Word is what really matters, not how many mistakes you have made in the past.

According to the Bible * not me- the Only grounds for divorce is Adultery. Therefore if you were married and your Mate decided that he/she did not want to remain married to you AND your former mate committed adultery- then you are FREE to remarry. Barring that, if you get married, you in turn commit adultery.( Matthew 19:9)There are other issues that are involved when some couples divorce and that could be Physical abuse, non support etc. Ultimately the decision to divorce & remarry is a Personal one and no one should make up your mind for you. God takes the Marriage Vows very serious and Hates a divorcing. ( Malachi 2:16)

1. Learn to type
2. Remarry 50 times if you want to... dont ask anyone else about it... its your choice (NOT GOD's, NOT FUNDY's NOT EVEN MINE)