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How could money make you unhappy?

With more money there is more problems, its a two way street, people with out money still have problems its just a different kind of problem then people with money. In reality being happy has nothing to do with money, it has to do with being happy with your self, your life and your family. In my opinion that's where true happiness is and no amount of money could change that!

When it belongs to someone else... ;)

It can't but the love of it can.

Money has little or nothing to do with happiness.

If you give a bunch of cash to a happy poor person, they will usually become a happy rich person; if you give a bunch of cash to a miserable person, that usually just turns them into a miserable person with a bunch of stuff...

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Money, can make you unhappy since you get to a point on when you have every gadget in the stores and you get bored of all of the materials you have bought. It just get's to a point on where you have everything so now what do I do? This is also a problem if you don't have love or a special someone because we all need that in our life if not then who can you share the moments to last with rather than having a lot of clothes, cars, technology, and so on. If you don't have someone to share this with and be alone then it will not be so fun. Once, you have everything with money may I add you want more of a thrill that you had when you got new clothes, or a car. So what do you resort to illegal things such as drugs. It sounds crazy but it happens this is what happens when you try to relive that thrill of happiness. All this does is bring you temporary happiness but when you stop then everything comes crashing down as you have a lot of stress, your mood is just down all the time, and you just need more because you think that will solve all of your problems. This is how money can make you unhappy in the end.