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Othello question please help?

This is my Othello Study Guide.
I finished but I want someone to check it.
I put a star* next to the answer I think is correct.
Please just go over it and tell me if anything is wrong.
If i get all of them right, I get extra credit,
and I will give you 10 points :)

Read each question and choose the correct answer.

1. William Shakespeare wrote sonnets, histories, _______, and _______.
a) novels . . . plays
b) tragedies . . . comedies*
c) tragedies . . . fables

2. In order to write Othello, Shakespeare borrowed all of the following EXCEPT
a) a character who is a Moor.
b) a character who is the wife of the Moor.
c) a character who is named Roderigo.*

3. The term Moor most likely refers to
a) Italians.
b) Africans.*
c) Spaniards.

4. Brabantio’s quote: “She has deceived her father, and may thee” is an example of
a) analogy.
b) foreshadowing.*
c) hyperbole or exaggeration.

5. Roderigo is motivated to help Iago because of
a) his passion for Desdemona.*
b) his hatred of Desdemona.
c) his hatred of Cassio.

6. What is the climax of the play?
a) the audience's awareness of Iago's plot
b) Cassio's punishment by Othello
c) Othello's distrust of Desdemona*

7. Iago tells Othello to kill Desdemona not by poison but by
a) a knife.
b) an al fall.
c) strangling.*

8. Who is the speaker of the following quote: “I am sorry that I am deceived in him”?
a) Desdemona
b) Lodovico*
c) Othello

9. Why does Desdemona say, “Commend me to my kind lord”?
a) She still loves Othello even though he has just ed her.
b) She wants everyone to know that Othello is guilty.
c) She knows she will die, and is referring to God in heaven*

10. Who is by the end of Act V?
a) Roderigo, Cassio, Desdemona, and Othello
b) Roderigo, Desdemona, Emilia, and Othello
c) Roderigo, Desdemona, Othello, and Iago*


Read each question and choose the correct answer.
11. Iago’s OBSEQUIOUS manner towards Othello makes it easier for him to
a) fool Othello into believing Desdemona is unfaithful.
b) be discovered as a traitor at the end of the play.
c) persuade Emilia to assist him in deceiving Othello.*

12. Iago is MALICIOUS because he desires to cause
a) pain, injury, or distress to another.*
b) inconvenience or confusion to another.
c) pleasure or satisfaction to another.

13. Brabantio suspects that Othello used CONJURATION to
a) become a general of the Venetian army.
b) gain the friendship and allegiance of Iago.
c) persuade Desdemona to fall in love with Othello.*

14. An _______ argument is one that is likely to mislead or confuse.
a) unvarnished
b) equivoca*
c) iniquity

15. Why does Desdemona explain to Othello that Cassio is penitent?
a) She wants Othello to know that Cassio admits his guilt in the affair.
b) She wants Othello to know that Cassio regrets his drunken behavior.
c) She wants Othello to know that Cassio has always respected Othello.*

16. Battle and combat are synonyms just as mettle and _______ are synonymns.
a) courage*
b) regard
c) difficulty

17. Othello does not want to expostulate with Desdemona because
a) "her body and beauty (may) unprovide my mind again."
b) “she is persuaded I will marry her out of her own love and flattery."*
c) “when he hears of her, (he) cannot restrain from the excess of laughter.”

18. GARNERED means all of the following EXCEPT
a) collected.
b) accumulated.
c) traded.*

19. Which character admits that she would never cause her husband to be a cuckold?
a) Bianca
b) Desdemona*
c) Emilia

20. If Roderigo lives, Iago is afraid that he will demand restitution. What would this restitution consist of?
a) an apology
b) gold and jewels*
c) revenge

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