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What are the rules of a totalitarian government?

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You must, at all times, carry identity documents.
Undergo constant background checks.
Be assigned a number.
Your ability to travel is restricted.
You must submit to searches without warrants.
You must sign government forms that could incriminate you.(like IRS 1040 forms)
You must spy on your neighbors and report their activities to the authorities.
You must give up your property upon request from government.

You know? Like we do in the United States

Control freaks R US.

Obey the ruler. Do not challenge the ruler.

We the people will survive. Generations of Americans before us have demonstrated it is possible. They did not give up their "soul" and stayed true to their inner selves. Their tactic was to maintain internal control of self and not succumb to any brainwashing techniques whether subtle (jokes, games, stories, intimidation or physical abuse. The mind is the center for control and the soul is the driver. The truth will set us free, and coercive abusive techniques are so transparent they do not last. A united people can withstand almost anything. Time now to think of what survival techniques would be most effective in this epoch of history. Unity is going to be the most important. Rising above the separatism of race color and creed will allow the world to survive and rebuild itself into a new and different entity that allows only personal freedom, personal responsibility, and a oneness with "all that is".

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So long as my ammo held out and there was still game to feed off of. A knife isn't my weapon but, with a rifle this old Marine can survive in the wilds for a long time.

What Is A Totalitarian Government

A totalitarian government is one that wants to exercise control over the freedom, thought, and/or will of others. They do not tolerate free thinking and do not exercise free speech, free thought, or parties of differing opinion. In many aspects it is like a dictatorship. Some countries with totalitarian government are: North Korea and China. China is often considered a communistic government, however, it is totalitarian is many instances. A book called "The House of the Scorpion" analyzes this type of government in two make believe countries of the future, Opium and Azatlan. In Azatlan, they have what seems to possess a communistic viewpoint. They brainwash orphan children to have the exact same viewpoint as the rest of the country, and offer horrible punishment to individualists, or people who support individualism. In Opium, the powerful drug lord, El Patron single-handedly controls everything about Opium. El Patron invents a brain chip to be inserted into all of his prisoners to force them into his control. Opium and Azatlan are not the main focuses of the book, however, author Nancy Farmer makes a big point of them and our types of government today. If you have any extra time for researching this topic, I suggest that you read the book or at least look up the comparisons in the book between the countries online or something along those lines. I think it will be a good deal of help to you. Below, I have included a brief definition of totalitarianism.

Totalitarian Government.

As a form of government, totalitarianism is of fairly recent origin. The term came into use in the 1920's and 1930's to describe the regimes of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, until their destruction in World War II. Following the war's end in 1945, the name was increasingly used in describing the governments of the Soviet Union and the newly created Communist states of Eastern Europe.

A totalitarian government, as its name implies, is characterized by its total control over all aspects of its citizens' political and economic activities. Although often used interchangeably with dictatorship to indicate a non-democratic form of government, totalitarianism is even more rigorous in its controls. It is also marked by a distinct ideology, or set of beliefs, as in Fascism, Nazism, or Communism. The term authoritarian government is sometimes used for a similar form of government but one that does not exert such absolute control over its peoples' lives.

The distintegration of the Soviet Union in late 1991 brought about the collapse of the Eastern European Communist governments. The result was their replacement by more genuinely democratic ones.