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Week 11 Braylon Edwards?

Can anyone give me a SOLID reason to even consider starting this guy no matter how favorable his matchups may be for the rest of the season? And will he be targeted less/more with new QB Brady Quinn?

i have braylon in a league too and hes been really frustrating. I have a feeling quinns gonna be looking to winslow a lot more than anyone else (10 catches, 2 TDs last week as opposed to edwards 1 catch) and the offense isnt gonna be going for those home run throws anymore with quinn. try to ship him if you can.

Braylon Edwards has been inconsistent this year no doubt. But, I truly believe that Derek Andersons inconsistency led to Edwards' inconsistency. Brady Quinn is unbelievably more of professional QB and will proide Braylon the chance to be the stud that he was. Everyone needs to stop freaking out about last game, of course they were going to game plan for short easy throws to get Quinns confidence up. Safe was the only way to game plan for the move so that way there was little chance for it o blow up in their faces. The browns need to win the majority of the rest of their games to have a shot, that means Braylon Edwards will step up and score TD's. If you have another stud receiver you have to keep Edwards, because like it or not he still is uncoverable, he can get open no matter what the match up is. He's worth the gamble in my opinion.