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Does a medium dosage of Maltodextrin release insulin?

How many grams of Maltodextrin does it take to release insulin?

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maltodextrin is, simply put, a sweetener. bodybuilders use maltodextrin to create an insulin spike post-workout. this is done in conjunction with protein in a PWO shake. the insulin spike caused by the sweetener (maltodextrin in this case) force feeds your muscles protein when they are simultaneously consumed. it basically forces protein into your muscles.

insulin levels are important because too low of an insulin level then you're body becomes catabolic and will metabolize your muscle (cortisol levels rise when insulin is too low). when you cause your insulin level to get too high, it may trigger unwanted fat storage. so, like all things, we use it sparingly to keep a balance. its best not to consume a sweetener all day, but possibly a small amount in the morning to combat cortisol spikes when you wake up (it happens, your body has risen from a fast...) and immediately after your weight-training session