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Who believes in Niburu and the Anunnaki?

me and my husband indefinitely

i deffinatly believe in the illuminati :

but, mmm, not sure about the niburu or anunnaki , i think thats fabricated.

Gullible people who live on conspiracy theories.

I know the stories but do not believe in the myths.

Interesting stories, though only two of many written by the peoples of the most ancient civilizations.
Niburu is too far-fetched to be worthy of a second thought. I would lump the Annunaki in with every other supposed alien visitor to the Earth. Maybe we've been visited, and then again, maybe not. All I can say is that if we have been visited, our guests haven't wanted to maintain relations. If you have the capability to travel inter-stellar space and you haven't come back to say "hey" in 5000 years, then you just aren't coming back.
Unfortunately the reality is that the Annunaki are more than likely just a tale from a long dead culture.

I read a lot about it.
Niburu is hard to believe.
The annunaki story on the other hand is a very interesting story and could be possible.
But without fact it's just a story for me.
I won't believe in it 100% untill i get facts.