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Can you help me translate these four latin questions?

Tum Publius dixit: “Recte dicis. Postea in hoc oppido Pompeius copias collegit ut trans mare fugeret. Caesar ad oppidum properavit ut eum intercluderet. Sed sine navibus eum retinere non poterat. Procedamus ad portum et propriis oculis spectemus locum in quo Caesar exitus portus impedire temptavit.” “Bene,” respondit Furianus. Itaque duo amici primum ad locum editum processerunt ut totam regionem vidrent. Deinde de hoc loco edito descenderunt et portum ipsum spectaverunt. Qua parte portus angustissimus erat Caesar opera et rates collocaverunt, sed Pompeius, ne intercluderetur, navibus opera ruperat et fugerat.

1.Where did the boys go to first?
2.Where did they go after that?
3.Why was Caesar no able to keep Pompey inside the harbor?
4.What did Pompey use to break through Caesar’s blockade?

please translate the answers in english

Worries are over girl. This is a neat translator. Called Inter-tran.

Text summary is not perfect but you can tweek it to get the general story [some errors are puncuation errors and you can fix it sometimes.]

At that time Of the people dixit : “Recte dicis. Afterwards upon this fortified town Pompeius abundant supply collegit when across sea fugeret. Caesar to fortified town properavit when he intercluderet. But without to swim he to remember not able. Procedamus to harbour and exclusively eye spectemus opulent upon from Caesar withdrawing harbor impedire “Bene,” to answer Madness. And two friendship at first to opulent the publishing of a book processerunt when totam region vidrent. Next about this to place the publishing of a book descenderunt and harbour itself spectaverunt. By which route faction harbor angustissimus was Caesar work and rates collocaverunt , but Pompeius , that not intercluderetur , to swim work ruperat and fugerat.