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How safe is Salinas, Ecuador?

My daughter, 13, wants to compete in a competition in Salinas, Ecuador. How safe is Ecuador for an American family? What is the average price for a flight from FL to Ecuador?

Thank you!

Yes, Salinas is a very safe place. It is a resort town that sort of reminds me of Miami beach. I have been to Salinas a few times. If you stay in Salinas I recommend the Hotel Barcelo Colon Miramar. It's the best hotel in Salinas. It's $130 per night and that is all inclusive (food,drinks everything). It's a five star hotel. It's where I always stay when I go to Salinas. I have lived in Ecuador for 6 years now. Not in Salinas, but in Manta. If you want to fly from Miami it will cost anywhere from $500 to $650 on American Airlines. You can either fly to Quito (the capital) or Guayaquil (the largest city). I recommend Guayaquil only because it is only an hour in a taxi to Salinas from there. I am American and have an Ecuadorian wife and have been in Ecuador since 2002.

Salinas isn't particularly unsafe, however as with nearly anywhere in this world, there are places you go, and places you don't go. If you take reasonable precautions, you will have a memorable and crime-free time.

Salinas, because it is a tourist destination, is victim to petty-crime, such as pickpocketing and petty-theft. Taking basic precautions such as wearing flashy jewelry and safeguarding your cameras and ipods.wll go a long way. At night, the entire beachfront area is very well lit and there is ample police presense. Taxi service is omnipresent and only a dollar or two.

Salinas as you probably already know is a coastal town on Southern Ecuador. It is positioned on a hook-shaped landform that pertudes out into the Pacific just west of Guayaquil.

There are daily flights from Miami International to Guayaquil, Ecuador via both LAN for around $450 with one stop, and American Airlines for around $550. If your event coordinator does not provide a shuttle from Guayaquil, there are literally dozens of shuttle and bus options, all for under $10. Your hotel will be able to assist in making arrangements; alternatively, if you are fluent in spanish, there are a number of shuttle operators located in the lower level at the airport in Guayaquil.

You might want to pick up a copy of the Lonely Planet Ecuador guide from amazon; the latest edition is very well written. Here is a direct link to the book:

It will contain a sizable amount of information on Guayaquil, Salinas and all the areas in between, including details on getting around, where to go, and where to stay.

Good luck in your daughters competition! I assume that she must be either a surfer or a waterskier!