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Can you suggest a 6-week backpacking itinerary for Thailand (north and south), Laos, and Vietnam?

My boyfriend and I are planning to backpack through SE Asia in January and we were wondering if anyone had any itinerary ideas for the countries listed above in the question. We plan on starting in Bangkok and working our way from there. Places we would like to visit for sure include: Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, Ko Pha-Ngan, Luang Prabang (Laos), Phuket, and Vientiane (Laos), and Halong Bay (Vietnam). Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

how many day you will spend in Vietnam?

when you arrival in vietnam . the most place to go are:
Halong bay: 2days/1night
Hanoi: 1day/1night
Sapa: 3days/2nights

you also can discover Perfum Pagoda , Hoa Lu- Tam coc- Bich dong
have nice trip

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nothing to worry about i went backpacking solo and with someone in all the countries your planning on going except laos. vietnam is worth seeing for maybe 2 or 3 days is enough same KL not much to see or do. Thailand and cambodia are great places to visit for single men. if your going to phnom penn well worth visiting martinis and the walkabout bar.. walkabout also has cleans air con rooms for $10 to $30 for the best room with jacuzzi.. spoilt for choice for things to do in Thailand from scuba diving, elephant trekking, tiger temple and a lot more.a few days in bangkok is enough Vietnam chu chi tunnels is good and also boat trip on the mekong delta which stops off in the jungle where u see coconut candy being made. Cambodia.. angkor wat temple, the killing fields is not to be missed and you can shoot rocket launchers ak47's and throw hand grenades into the water. KL you can go to the highlands to the waterfall and jungle its alott cooler then the city which is hot and humid Im sure its fairly easy to pick up other backpackers.. you will meet a lot of other backpackers on your travells

It is based on 14 dayz……..i think u must get atleast 14.


Thing to see on day 1(on day 2)
Grand palace
Wat po
Wat arun
Vnamek mansion

These all can be covered on the second day easily.stay the first nite at khaosan road n rest of the day long.u can get hotels there easily.u can get to n book your hotel on line.will suggest u sawasdee krungthep in.u abt 3000 bhats for all of u will be reasonable…book online from the site n don,t worry.itz safe. To do so.u can also book it for the second nite too.

On day 3…go for safari world n marine parki m sure u will love will b 850 bhats from any travel agent.available at khaosan rd…it will surely fulfill your elephant will require a whole day.staying for the third nite on khaosan rd is a good option too as buses for phuket leave from khaosan rd……
The fourth day can be used as some relaxing time or u can even get some dose of spicy thai food or even go for floating market tour for 250 perhead but remember to be at khaosan rd before 2 pm to catch the bus…..don,t shop for anything at khaosan rd.i mean not even some clothes………
Sawasdee hotels r on soi rambutri…………the major landmark there is hotel (o Bangkok).but the airport guyz will help u.
Take a bus to phuket as it will save your money In 3 wayz…

The rent of hotel for the nite as your nite goes in bus travel
Transfers from airport………
Useless expenditure on airtravel.
Also u get to see two movies

U will get a bus perperson for abt 450 to 500 bhats…..

Airport to khaosan rd….350 per taxi
Khaosan rd to vinamek mansion…..30 bhats per tuk tuk
U can walk to major temples…


Phuket is a gr8 destination if u wish to expeiance the best of seas.i think 4 nites would do good.

U will arrive in phuket at 9 am so the best way is to get your hotel booked……if u wish u can go to a travel agent n say that u wish to stay in le tong hotel which will be around 1300 per room thatz makes 4000 bhats for all of u.itz a good hotel n in a safe area.if u wish to get there directly,head to patong kalim rd n itz just 400 m towards kalim from rock city,a pub,just next to police box…………….

Day 1
I would say that u go to kata n karon beach n patong one too for the day when u will arrive

Day 2
I would say that u go for khai island tour.for 600 bhats at any travel agent…….itz good one

Day 3
I would highly recomment u phi phi,maya bay tour.abt 1400 bhats.

Day 4
James bond island tour

Day 5.
Vist kalim beach till your bus will pick u up from the will be there by 1 so stay in time.the bus to Bangkok is abt 650 bhats.

As u arrive in Bangkok,just take a bus to pattaya which leaves from ekamia which will be around 200 bhats from your bus stop……… i.e khao sn rd
Bus form ekamai to pattya=128 bhats.
Day 1
Head to pattya beach n jometin beach n stay in pattya at any motel.i would recommend u sawasdee sea view.

Day 2
Go to koh larn n stay there for the nite.
Itz a island which will take 20 bhats ferry from the pier

Day 3
Nong nooch village.
Ripley measuem
Day 4
Leave to Bangkok.

Bangkok again

Now as u arrive from pattya at ekamai,take a taxi to patunam.itz a great place for shopping.i would say u should stay at amari Watergate,near baiyoke sky hoel<tallest in Bangkok> .
Shop from the streets or big c or mbk<for electronics>Bangkok will attract u like a magnet so I would say that 3 dayz will do good for shopping n sighseeing.

As u shp,also go for a vist to siam ocean world………….near siam paragon…..
Also u can go to jim Thompson house...............

Some tips

Avoid taking a tuk tuk<they r cheater>
Never leave anything in the room.i lost 1000 usd that way…….
Always take your hotel name written in thai………
Remember these names as landmarks..

Soi rambutri for khaosan rd hotels…
Rock city for phuket hotel
Baiyoke sky hotel for second Bangkok hotel or even indra market

Get your breakfast for any 7/11 store.i used to eat butter bread n some curd n water too.

If any of the taxi guy or tuk tuk driver sayz that he will take u for shopping,then refuse his offer.i u can,t then don,t buy anything from the shop.

Get plenty of maps from airports.

N mail me for any more assistance……

Never been to ching mai so I m sorry….