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Bus for pattaya from Suvarnabhumi Airport ?

i will get to Suvarnabhumi Airport in bangkok at 11am .
from where i can get a bus to pattaya and how much the fare ?

You need to take a taxi from the air terminal to Eecamai bus station in Bangkok. This will cost about 150 Baht. Be sure that you go in a metered taxi with the meter switched on. If the driver will not use the meter get a different taxi. You then get a bus to Pattaya. The fare is again about 150 Baht although it may have gone up a bit. From the bus station at Pattaya North Road you can get a taxi motorcycle, if you haven't much lugage, or a Song Taow. The Song Taow is like a pickup truck with seats. This would be the cheapest, the fares are displayed at the bus station. It will take you anywhere in Pattaya but it may take longer depending how many stops it has to make to drop off passengers.

During the day the best route is the public intercity bus from the Transportation center at Suvarnabhumi. The bus to Ekamai is just going in the opposite direction and the Bell bus is ok but sometimes doesn't keep a regular schedule. I think the fares are 106 of the 389 bus and 135 for the 9905 bus (air conditioned). The 9905 bus is great if your staying in Jomthien as the bell bus stops in Pattaya.

Take a Shuttle Bus (free of charge) at Level 2 or 4 (Entrances 3,6 and 9) to the Public Transportation Center and Contact Intercity Bus Counter. Fares are collected according to destinations, tickets are available at the Public Transportation Center. Service hours: 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Route 389 Suvarnabhumi - Laem Chabang - Pattaya
Route 9905 Bangkok (Chatuchak) (Expressway) - Suvarnabhumi - Pattaya (Jomthien)

Also stop by the 7-11 and get some water (8 Baht) or a soda (25 baht) as its a 2 hour trip.

I would suggest you take a taxi, go to sites like where on the forum they will tell you how to use Mr Toom taxi service around 1300 baht. Let's face it if this is your first time in Thailand then you need to know a few basic lessons on the Pattaya way of life and going cheap charlie by bus means a lot of wasted time.
Mobile; 0814827148 or 0830178066

Taxi takes about 2 hours, going by bus your going in the wrong direction first, make sure you know the "correct" hotel to stay in. hotel is running a free promotion of free internet which is why I can write the answer here...

Ask for the standard room looking over the roadside not the poolside..
And have fun.

hi i'm unsure approximately buses at that part of arrival whether take a Taxi th eprice of a Bus from BKK is approximately one hundred forty baht taxi from there become 1000bht you pay toll roads so upload in yet another one hundred thatts greater beneficial than adequate in the journey that your first holiday once you go out the baggage claims follow the crowwds walk throughout the main taxi human beings they'll wave at you and so on and in simple terms walk via to the top and you will see a Taxi stand with a pair of folk taking tickets You get a real taxi there and that they wave them via to you Its lots much less complicated and greater orderly in case you opt for to take a taxi yet in any different case do not pay greater beneficial than 1200 you're closer to pataya than bangkok via 40 minutes so i assume 1000 precise value you will arrive late so which you would be drained and choose to get going so take care ok No concerns approximately Thailand i admire the situation been 14 cases and decrease back returned quickly Have a great time

You are arriving during the day hours which makes your choices that much better. When you arrive at the airport change your money over, make sure you have small bills for paying taxi drivers, etc. A 500 baht note may be too large for some people to cash.

When you leave the arrivals hall take the moving belt down to the bottom level, near door 7 or 8, there is a security station there. Almost under the moving beltway there is a Bell Travel sign, usually a representative is there. The price of a Bell Travel bus ride to Pattaya is 150 baht. This company will also take you to your hotel. Have a good name and address for your hotel. Money collected in Pattaya.

There is another bus that leaves from the little bus station at the airport. This bus station requires you to take a free shuttle bus to that location. The busses to Pattaya are few and far apart - but you might get lucky. The bus departure times are supposed to be different from the Bell Travel departures. The price for this bus ride is around 110 baht. From where you get dropped off you have to take a baht bus to your hotel. Ask some of the expats on the bus for more info. Other than your first ride on a baht bus within town the baht bus price is only 10 baht for the fixed bus routes.

Last but not least, buses from Pattaya leave from the Ekamai bus station on Sukhumvit Road about once every 30 minutes. You can take a meter taxi to that bus station, you can take a cheap 35 baht (one hour long ride) from the little bus station and from Oh Nut (On Nut) Skytrain stop to Ekamai for 35 baht and maybe 20 baht for the Skytrain ride. About 1 or 2 stops to the bus station. Ticket window for the Pattaya bus is on the right side, near the steps. The ride is around 2 hours. This is the VIP bus - avoid the longer (4 hour) bus to Pattaya - cold and no toilet!!! VIP bus ride is around 127 baht, price depends on cost of fuel for that day.

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