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Secrets to donut baking?

How do commercial donut shops make their donuts? Do they gather all the ingredients and start from scratch, or are they able to buy "prepared mixes" in large quantity?

they start from scratch. Well at least krispy Kreme does, they just mix the ingredients on a larger scale.

The donut place that I went to for a kids B-day party,they made it from scratch. Not sure about other places. I am sure though they make it by scratch.

Donuts aren't baked, they are fried. That's why they taste so good! I've worked in several bakeries, and never seen a mix. They all had recipes to follow, and started them at about 3:00am every day.

depends on the donut shop-most of your smaller ones start from scratch. Your larger chains usually buy prapred mixes.

I remember reading an article in my local newspaper several years ago. The food editors had gone out and talked to local donut shops. What the article said is that 98 to 99% of ALL donut shops use a premix. Only one in my area didn't. I tried that shop and the donuts were great. At least 1 response said Krispy Kream doesn't. I wouldn't know, so I defer to that person. I just think KK donuts are too sweet for me. And donuts are deep fried, not baked.

to get the donut really puffed up let the dough sit over night in your fridge. This will help your dough rise and make it light and large

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Commercial Donut Mix

Most shops use a mix. A very few, old fashioned donut shops use a "scratch" recipe. This however is very labor intensive and makes the process a whole lot less profitable.

Yeast raised donuts take about 3 - 4 hours from mix to the front of the store to make depending on the amount you are making. In this example we are only talking about 40 dozen donuts or so..

Donuts can be make in very small batches (10 dozen at a time) however this is not very economical to do. Except for the really small donut shops that make donuts all day long. It is a whole lot of work and not a lot of money.

Donuts (yeast) are mixed, let to rest for about 45 minutes. Then they are divided into manageable smaller pieces and rolled out on the bakery bench to about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick. The dough is then cut by various cutters and placed on a donut screen. (Just like the name implies- only thicker than a screen door screen, more like a cooling rack) The dough is then placed into a proof box and allowed to double in size; about another 30 minutes. Then the donut is gently placed into a fryer anddunkedther dunked (covered by a top screen to submergely submurge thfryedut) or fryed on one side and then fryed on the other side after being flipped over. Then the donut maker removes the donut from the hot grease and either coates the donut with warm glaze or allowes it to cool plain--to be later iced and filled with various creams and jellies.

Then they are ready to be sold or eaten.

I hope this helps.