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I have just installed my copy of yellow dog linux on my ps3, what do i need to do to install an emulator?

If you have experience with one let me know, it could be either an snes or the arcade emulater, just wanna know what to do...

I doubt that any of the emulators will work, because most of them use some direct graphical rendering and the RSX graphic chip is blocked from access under OtherOS.

As far as I know, YDL uses the same repositories as Red Hat. Which of course is a major reason why Yellow Dog Linux sucks. I imagine you installed it because people who don't know linux go around saying "Yellow Dog for ps3" a lot. But you'd be much better off wiping your OtherOS partition and installing a Debian linux instead, Ubuntu is best of them all.
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Then open the Synaptic Package Manager, and open the Repositories list in the menu and make sure that Universe and Multiverse are both enabled. At that point just look through the games section and you'll find plenty of emulators, especially NES, MAME and ps1 emulators. Fair warning, I am 100% sure the ps1 emulators won't work. The NES and MAME emus might.

If you really want to keep Yellow Dog, then either browse the YDL or Red Hat repositories, or open /etc/apt/sources.list as root, and add these lines:

deb feisty main restricted

deb feisty multiverse

deb feisty universe

That will give you access to the emulator collection in the Ubuntu repo's. You won't be able to install them right off the bat onto YDL so just download the debian packages using apt-get, and then get the package called "alien." Then simply run (as root, as usual)

alien downloadedpackage.deb

with the options necessary to convert them to .rpm packages.

There's probably plenty of emulators in Fedora's .rpm repo's as well, but Debian is better, particularly now that Red Hat is officially abandoning the personal desktop and will release its next version for businesses only.