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Are video games too violent?

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They send a mixed message. Everywhere we hear, "Violence is bad, end war, etc." but then we glorify it in video games.

I don't believe that any kid goes out and shoots up a school "because of" video games, but I think they have an overall impact on society that it negative.

The ones rated M and above are, if they are not violent then they encourage strong sexual content. Majority of all big name games such as Gears of War, Halo 3, GTA IV etc. encourage a lot of violence and gore. Although games like madden are not that violent most of the games that sell a lot now a days are.

No,because it's the parents fault for letting the kids buy it.

Too violent? How would that be determined? What is the violence cutoff? I think you need to refine your question. I haven't never seen violence in video games that I won't see in a movie or TV show. Just as movies and TV are rated, video games are rated as well. It's up to retailers and parents to enforce the ratings. If you wouldn't let your kid watch Kill Bill, you shouldn't buy them Grand Theft Auto.

Personally, I've played violent video games from a young age and I'm not a violent person at all. I like fighting games, but I haven't even been in a real fight in 12 years.