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What are "third world countries"?

Also, what are the third world countries?

The developed countries

Developing nation is the politically correct term

poor, uneducated

United States = Third world country

Don't know this.

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India for example

Third world countries are following as:-
Asia, America, Africa.

Third world countries are countries that are very poor compared to developed countries like America, and most of Europe.

3rd world countries developed after countries let go of their empires sometime during and after WW 2. As the developed countries advanced and moved on, the countries that made up the former empires were left in the dark. They had to build their political and economic institutions from scratch, most try (or tried) to use the same institutions and ideology as that of developed countries.

Also, although developed countries no longer have direct control over the economy or government, large corporations (as a result of increasing globalization) have a large affect on a 3rd world country's politics and economy. These alrge corporations exploit the poor countries by basically buying large stakes of land and taking over the country's major money making resources, and capitalizing off of the cheap labor. The govt's out of corruption and making poor business choices, don't protect their citizens. Protecting worker's rights would mean that corporations from developed countries would have to pay more to do business there, so the govts don't protect their citizens to keep the money coming in. Building a nation from scratch is what causes a lot of corrupt politicians and the rebels who oppose them (and are also corrupt in their own ways) and causes a lot of conflict and suffering.

There are also countries falling even below this poverty rate, there are now countries that are rated as 4th and 5th world. I can't name any examples though.