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Finger meanings?

if the middle finger means something do the other fingers mean sumthing too

Well ive heard that in the mideval times the hunters hunted with bows and they plucked the bow wit their middle fingers. So, if they got into any trouble theyd get their middle finger cut off. As a joke or taunting, theyd wave their middle fingers in peoples faces. But the others mean "THE FINGER" in other countries.

The thumb is the willpower finger. This is the finger that signals the approval of "thumbs up" or "thumbs down", that points to the self in a moment of personal pride, that closes over a fist when personally attacked. It is associated with the total self.

The first, or index finger is the authority finger. This is the finger that wags in disapproval, that gestures informed or stubborn expertise, that indicates silent direction and commands.

The second finger is the identity finger. This is the finger most often used in obscene gesturing when one wishes to express an offense to personal dignity.

The third, or ring, finger is the creativity finger. It is the least independent of the fingers, making it difficult to operate as a single unit.

The little finger is the relationship finger. It is located farthest from the thumb, the self, and is turned out toward other people and the outer environment. This finger expresses man's attitudes toward personal and sexual relationships. It is associated with rewards, both on a personal and materialistic level.

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