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Edward or Jacob?

Are you team edward or team jacob, or both?

TEAM EDWARD FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

team edward

i really like jacob though but edward just has this thing about him that amazes me... maybe its the fact that he can dazzle people haha

edward! :)


Edward!! I love him and he belongs with Bella. But I do want the best for Jacob. I kind of want him to end up with Leah, they were both hurt in the past.


Edwards so controlling and he doesnt let her do anything.

Plus if she was with Jacob, she wouldnt have to change at all.

PLUS! Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob in the movie is a cutie :)

Team Edward fo sho! :)


answer mine please

Did all people ever see that interview while Meyer replaced into conversing with regards to the Edward/Jacob debate? IF if keep in mind wisely she reported " ninety p.c. of my fan are die no longer effortless Edward fan, 9 p.c. love jacob and a million p.c. ought to stay with the two." some thing alongside those strains. For me i admire edward becouse bella love yet i admire Jacod becouse he advantageous and worrying. so, i do no longer comprehend? i'm that 0 p.c., that in simple terms does not comprehend.

Edward, Jacob is too immature and Edward loves Bella more. Plus, Jacob says some hurtful things to Bella (ex. "I'd rather see you dead than turn into a bloodsucking leech"). And Bella runs off, very insulted, and says 'Maybe you'll get lucky. Maybe I'll get hit by a truck on my way home.'
Plus, in the third book, Jacob is thinking about something, and Edward says to stop thinking those disgusting thoughts, they are torturing his mind. But we can all guess what he is thinking. So if she was with Jacob, she will probably sleep with him because the way he kissed her makes me think that he would force Bella into sleeping with him. But Edward says she needs to wait until they are married, so I think Edward values Bella more than Jacob values Bella. Jacob is just an average 16 year old boy that needs to grow up and learn to be mature. Edward is 103, so he is VERY mature.