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Suicide, depression, emo hangings. Music.....?

Im doing my GCSE drama devised on Emo hangings. Does anyone know any realy good songs for it. So far i have- welcome to the black parade(MCR), i miss you(Blink 182), hurt(Christina), I hurt myself(Johnny Cash).

jeff buckley - halleluijah

Kim by eminem, base it on growing up with parents like that, would have a big effect on the aduience...

Well, there's this song about hurting herself, but then she's saved. I dont think it would work with what your doing but:

Red Sam-Flyleaf

Probably didn't, but hope I helped =P

I would say dig farther back to the first album of MCR to a song called Demolition Lovers or anything from their frist CD. And instead of Hurt by Johnny Cash, I would suggest the one by NIN though the lyrics are almost the same, but the Actual songs are complete different.

Top Emo picks for you-
Senses Fail- Handguns and Second chances
Senses Fail- Let it Enfold you
Padro the Lion- Transcontinental

Also- Almost anything by Bright Eyes

oh ok ummm let me think . . . oh heres a couple

1)skyhigh avenue -we the kings
2)all again for you -we the kings
3)please dont do this -plain white t's
4)tearin'us apart -plain white t's
5)revenge -plain white t's
6)what i've done -lincon park

so yeah i hope ive helped and the fact that i hear all the songs helps!!!! jk jk lol! : ] ♥

we sleep forever -aiden

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Emo Hangings?

Sum 41 - Pieces
Superchick - Beauty from Pain
Superchick - Hero
The Used - The Bird and the Worm
Three Days Grace - Never Too Late
Three Days Grace - Get Out Alive
And Then I Turned Seven - Goodbye, I'm Sorry
Between The Trees - The Way She Feels
Linkin Park - Numb
Plain White T's - Breakdown
Drowning Pool- Tear Away