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What is a sister?

Sorry to ask this again guys.
I mean what is a sister emotionally speaking. I know she's related to you by blood and blablabla, but what does a sister mean to you?
Thank you!

Depends on the age and if that age is close to yours or not, because it changes with age!

A sister to me is someone who is my friend and someone I can count on. She is the one I can trust and tell things to. She is the person who most understands me and we can talk and laugh and have a great times together. I think that sisters should be close and help each other out. Sometimes its hard but family should be most important and you may disagree at times or fight but for the most part love each other unconditionally.

A sister is a femel that is apart of a brother.

someone you should have sex with it feels really good, it will only effect your relationship if don't want it 100% both of you

A sister is the opposite to a brother but basically it means someone that suppose to stay by you through thick and thin. You share the same mother or father or both. If the person is your sister from mother and not father or vice-versa then she is your half-sister. While you can choose your friends you can not do so with your brothers and sisters. A sister is a sister for ever and there are things that you will do for or give to your sister that your will not do for others. There is a certain closeness between siblings since you all rolled in the same belly (stomach). Sisters share many things especially closeness and secrets. There is a saying that goes"blood is thicker than water" and also "water does run but blood does pour".

A sister could also be a female member of a church. This is because you are one in the Lord and of the same faith.

Hope this helps!