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What does the upside down cross symbolize?

and who wears it and why?

It could stand for St. Peter or the anti-Christ or just someone that is anti-Christian.

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It is the Cross of St. Peter who in 64 AD was crucified but he said that he was unworthly of dying in the same way than Jesus Christ so the Romans put the cross upside down.
In later days the Satanists will adopt it as an anti-Christian symbol.

St, Peter was crucified on an inverted cross.

It means you need to dig a deeper hole next time you crucify someone.

Its meant to symbolise the anti-christ.

The reversed cross, also known as the cross of St. Peter, has also been used as an emblem of Satanism, although more often by non-satanists than believers. Historically, it has been a symbol of humility, a symbol of Martyred St. Peter's refusal to be crucified in the manner of Christ, preferring to be hung upside down.

It's generally used to symbolize anti-christianity sentiment. I listen to a lot of death metal and I see bands use upside down crosses all the time.

so was peter upside also

The upside down cross is a Satanic cross and symbol. It's displayed upside down to show an active hostility and mockery towards anything to do with God and Jesus Christ. Also if you ever happen to see any pictures of the Pope sitting on his throne, you will notice at the very top of the throne an upside down cross. The Catholics excuse for that is that Peter was supposedly crucified upside down on a cross because he didn't feel worthy enough to be crucified as Jesus was. The Bible nowhere records the upside down crucifixion of an apostle.
History affirms that the apostle Peter was crucified in Rome during the persecutions of Nero in AD64, but the exact nature of that crucifixion (i.e., upside down) is less certain.