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IF your walk is with God,does that mean?

your basically walking alone?

not really. just that you fully put your trust in Him no matter what anyone says.

No, not at all, it simply means you obey the bible as much as you can and as your knowledge of what obeying it means.

No. I'm not walking alone. I am not ashamed to walk with the creator of the universe.

Nope God is real.

no..if you walk thru our are in the right path..Believe in the holiness of our creator..
God is our only King!

Which God?

God is the totality of all thing, which can never be alone. the idea of a solely transcendent God separate from His creations is a limited concept. God is omnipresent, which includes immanent as much as transcendent, or how else would He be omniscient and omnipresent?

Very good question, I recently did an exercise at my church, in which the minister gave the women's group three pieces of paper, and told us to write on each of the paper given, the three most important things that you have in your life.
Well on one of them I put my family
on the other i put my life(purposeful)
and on the other I put Jesus.
Then when everyone was finished she said give one up. everyone had to. Well i gave up the paper with the family written on it, because i thought it was the one of the three(even though difficult) that i could part with if i had to.
The point of the exercise, what it boils down to, was that Jesus should be the only paper left in your hand, and i guess you should be able to give up everything else that is important to you, and follow him.
I was fine with that, but it did not occur to me, until i got home that night, was, why can't we follow/walk with God and still have some thing as important as family in our lives.
And here you are asking basically the same thing, I hope you do get some satisfaction from your inquiries.

Anyone who walks with God never walks alone. You seem to be mistaken and misinformed. He is the only faithful who will never let you down. I could relate numerous incidents in my personal life where God alone changed me and my circumstances in life. But would you believe then that God was not what you perceive Him to be?

When we walk with God, we are never, ever, truely alone.
When we walk with God, it means we put Him 1st in our lives, in our affections, our time, and etc. It means we learn to TRUST Him 1st, above all others. It means we Prefer Him,
that we are prepared to wait for His answers for our lives, and to learn to "let go", and "let God". It also means, at times, our walk before Him, may appear to be one of aloneness, but really, it is not. Because in this day and age,
man lives selfishly for himself, there is so much noise going on, so much to look at, so many things we perhaps can be tricked into thinking, we want, and even believing, there might be something abnormal about us, if we don't. "come out from among them, and be ye separate"...says God to His people...."and I will dwell among shall be My sons and daughters, if you keep my commands". to be recognised as part of Gods wonderful family, is the ultimate!!!
He blesses us now and in the kingdom age to come. Jesus said',ye are my friends if you do whatsover i command you"...Jesus loved his Heavenly Father, and found joy, delight in following His commandments and keeping them, and going on to doing Gods will. There is joy, peace, blessings, and yes....pain and tribulation as well....but pain draws us closer to God and it moulds our characters, so as we change for the better, and learn to respond to people and circumstances in the same way, as He would......its all working toward being prepared for the Age to come...when His kingdom will be set up on earth. So yes! because of the great differences between our values, goals and aims, we can feel very uncomfortable associating with others whose goals and aims are purely self seeking, and this shows us we want to spend more time with God, and those of like precious faith! Hope this makes sense for you.