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Walking =fitness?

if i walk for 1 hour,5 days a week,and im eatign long will it be before i start seeing weights or cardio,or nothing,just walking

well this is what my mum did

she used to do it with her friends

well let me say it think way in just under a year she lost a hole me and i was 13

Depends on what and how much you are eating. Also how fast you are walking and how much you are holding with you (weight).

I would say around two weeks. But even if you don't see results that soon, you will see them eventually.

I am a 52 year old male and I am using a programmed treadmill which uses a combination walk/ 5 mph. run workout for 30 minutes a day. I am losing 2-3 pounds a week just doing that and cutting my favorite food portions back the way I mentioned before. My peak heart rate during this routine is 140. (Just telling you this in hopes that it will give you some idea of what 30 minutes a day will do for you so you can adjust your workout to suit your targeted weight loss time frame.)

Good luck! I hope this helps

Walking is a quality approach to keep in form. It is helping you middle keep energetic, builds muscle on your legs, and burns fats. You can upload arm strengthening through wearing three-5lb dumb bells as you stroll. Swing your hands in movement and permit the weights bring you with every step. But going for walks will best do well if you're going for walks for half-hour every time at a quick speed. Start off at half-hour and construct it as much as an hour. Then difference it from time to distance. two miles first then as many as you'll stroll in a million hour. Once you stroll three miles in a million hour, then slash the time to forty five minutes. I did and dropped 10 lbs in per week. Don't permit a plateau in weight reduction have an effect on you. Change up the activities through replacing the course you stroll. Different time of day can have an effect on it as good. Listen to tune and drink water as you stroll.

Walking is a great way to burn calories and fat as part of a weight loss program.You burn as many calories walking a mile as you do running it (most people do not understand this).

Walking at a moderate pace for 30-60 minutes burns stored fat and can build muscle to speed up your metabolism. Walking an hour a day is also associated with cutting your risk of heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes and stroke.

A pound of fat equals 3500 calories. To lose 1 pound a week you will need to expend 3500 more calories than you eat that week, whether through increased activity or decreased eating or both. Losing 1-2 pounds of fat a week is a sensible goal, and so you will want to use the combination of increased activity and eating less that will total 3500 calories for 7 days.

Your weight x distance = energy used walking. Time does not matter as much as distance. If you speed up to walking a mile in 13 minutes or less, you will be burning more calories per mile. But for most beginning walkers, it is best to increase the distance before working on speed. A simple rule of thumb is 100 calories per mile for a 180 pound person.

# At this rate, you should be breathing noticeably but able to carry on a conversation in full sentences.
# Heart rate 60-70% of your maximum heart rate.
# Marilyn L. Bach in "Shapewalking" describes this as if you are on your way to an appointment, or up to 10 minutes late for an appointment.

Walking with racewalk style at paces under 13-minute miles will burn more calories per mile. This is recommended if you are already walking 20 miles a week.

30-60 minutes at 50-70% of your maximum heart rate is recommended.

To calculate your target heart rate go to:

Short Day: Warm up 5-10 minutes. Stretch. Walk at target pace (determined, 50-70% of maximum heart rate) for 30 minutes. Slow to easy pace for 5 minutes. Finish with gentle stretching. Heart Rate Calculator

Long Day: Warm up 5-10 minutes at easy pace. Stretch. Walk at target pace for 60 minutes. Slow to easy pace for 5 minutes. Finish with gentle stretching.

Long Easy Day: Warm up 5-10 minutes at easy pace. Stretch. Walk at target pace for 30 minutes. Slow to easy pace for additional 30 - 90 minutes. Finish with gentle stretching.

Day Off: When walking for weight loss, you should take no more than 1 to 2 days off a week.

Alternate these days to fit your personal weekly schedule.

Example: Day : Workout - Time at Target HR
Sun.: Long Day - 60 min.
Mon.: Day Off - 0 min.
Tue.: Short Day - 30 min.
Wed.: Short Day - 30 min.
Thu.: Long Day - 60 min.
Fri.: Short Day - 30 min.
Sat.: Long Easy Day 30 min. at target HR, 30-90 easy.