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Girls learning walking with high heels?

i ld like to wear high heels and to learn walking with, but i never wore some. girls can u give me some advices, what shoes wearing and how walk?

Practice makes perfect, just walk around the house in them and you'll get used to it, it wont take long :) Theres no secret trick to getting it right, you just gotta learn to be comfortable in them, and once you are, you'll look fabulous!!

buy a pair and practice,you will figure it out,get used to them and don't think about it

defenitely start off with some small heels. and wear them around your house maybe with some socks on to make them more confortable. then you could move on to the

There is no learning tactics, it is just practice. My best advice would be to make sure they are comfortable, heals can really hurt if they're not comfy. When buying a pair check the inside and see if they are cushioned, even slightly!!! and buying insole pads can help for boots.

i adore the girl with high heels .. good luck

well I'm still learning too lol i don't think it's too hard just practice, yahh know what they say, practice makes perfect

Some girls are like born with the talent of being able to walk in heels straight away, whilst some will find it hard, and will have to learn to walk in them, i didn't have to learn, but i don't wear them that often anyway!! xo

Hi, :) walking in high heels is a difficult thing to do. But keep at it. Start small like walking around your house with them to walking down your street. Then after a month (dont rush it) walk around the mall to really try or just go out with friends on a day out.

Make sure to wear comfy insoles, pop socks, tights or socks if it helps comfort. the balls of your feet wont hurt then

The best ones to start with are mid heel shoes or boots as you aren't too far from the ground. After a while wedges are your friend as they have continued support from toe to heel and if you like being trendy then espadrills are very pretty and not that expensive.

After a few months of steady high heel wearing, you can buy your first pair of killer party heels. These will be high but you should buy them and walk around (again) your house/home/apt/flat or garden or yard.

Start small. Good advice? roll your hips a bit and dont be nervous. Dont walk pigeon footed and just remember: yes there will be a time when your foot may bend left or right but it is worth it to compliment an outfit with a beautiful pair of heels.

But dont forget, mid heels for training, wedges/espedrills for intermediate and highs for advnaced. but take your time. there is nothing worse than a girl who keeps falling over or has to go to hospital because she broke up her ankle

Happy shoe wearing and girls were born to walk in heels. All you need is patience and help.