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Chucky the doll or Pennywise the clown??

Which one of these is scarier?
-chucky the doll
-or It the clown by stephen king
And which would you rather see in person...

Freakin' Pennywise.
In person, are you kidding. I guess Chucky, at least you could kick that little sucker in the head.

Don't know about the movie version...But the novel version of Pennywise the clown has to be the most terrifying creature of all! It is the generic face of a giant spider type thingy that can read your mind, and show you the image of what terrifies you the most...I'd like to see a doll pull THAT crap!

If I had to meet one in person??? Bring on Chucky! The little puke! I'd like to tangle with him! Wouldnt be so tough with his little arms and legs ripped off now would he??????? HAH??? WOULD HE!!!???

Pennywise is so much scarier

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