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Cheap Bikes?

Does the word cheap, give you the impression goods are of low quality?


Some bikes are higher in price and of same value as a cheaper bike....others the more expensive the better.

no the word cheap doesnt give me the impression that goods are of low quality...also look good!

yep! it has always been my experience that you get what you pay for... there does seem to be more variation in the quality of the mid range ($) items, but cheap almost always carries the connotation, crappy... unless it's qualified as being a great deal on something expensive.

low quality, period.

Cheap implies shoddy, at least to me. When I think of a cheap bike, I think of something that is sold at WalMart, is heavy, doesn't work very well, and won't last very long.

When I think of my carbon fiber frame road bike with Ultegra components that I got for $600 under list price because it was last year's model, instead of cheap I think "great value, good shopping."