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Vicodin cheap?

where can you buy vicodin for cheap online

i get it for free with my insurance - b/c i need it.

Vicodin is addicting.

are you looking for legal online prices? If you are change your ? to legal..the pill pushing ones thankfully got busted!

mines free with insurance... i just had surgery though

i dont know about online but you can buy them on the street pretty cheap save the bullshit online.

no where

Several pain killer pills available.
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Hydros Yellows: 10/325-$4.50 each
Hydros Blues 10/500-$3.50 Each
30mg IR ritalin-$3.00 each
20 mg IR ritalin-$2.00 each
10mg IR ritalin-$1.5 each
30mg IR adderall-$3.00 each
20 mg IR adderall-$2.00 each
Percocet 5mg-round white- $3.00 each
Percs 10mg-oblong with name percocet on one side-$6.00 each
Morphine-$11 each
Dilaudid 8mg-$6 each
Dilaudid 4mg-$3 each
Xannies (White and yellow Bars)-$3.00 each
Roxi 30 blues-$9.00 each-sale!!
OC 80's-$15.00 each
Fent pops Atiq 1200mcg-$22.00 each
Fent pops Atiq 1600mcg-$27.00 each
Fent Patches Gel 100mcg-$12 each
vals-$6 each
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Contact email:
Text (US): (917) 791 6398

Vicodin Online (no Prescription) >>>>

Think about it. You get what you pay for. On-line Rx's are not only not very cheap by the time you pay the service for them but they are also not safe. They often come from countries that don't have many controls on the quality of the medication. It's cheaper to pay for a doctor visit and then go to Wal-Mart then it is to take the chance.

And yes we all know they are addictive. But if you are in pain being addicted is just part of the deal. I've been taking hydrocodone for several years for a spine injury. I am addicted. Big deal!! Diabetics have to have insulin and pain patients have to have pain medications.