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How can you identify?

How can you identify that one card is a counterfeit? Are there any specific appearance to consider? Any marking perhaps?

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Counterfeit cards are fake trading cards. These can be easily recognized as most fake cards will have oddly colored backs or images or, in a holographic counterfeit the card will not shine when held up to light. They may also have inaccurate ATK and DEF values. 1st edition fakes can be identified through the lack of a gold sticker at the bottom of the card [sometimes it is there, but it is silver. However, some legitimate cards are misprinted to have the wrong color sticker. There have also been cards that claim to be Exodia in one card--unless it is the Shonen Jump promo 'Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden One', it is fake. Some cards are easily identified as counterfeit because they are magic, or trap cards that have ATK and DEF values as illustrated below. In addition, some may have their rarity written at the end of the card's description or effect, they may be very poorly written, have the wrong font or logo or the image may not be central.

[edit] Fake booster packs/boxes
Fake boosters invariably contain fake cards. Most fake boosters and booster boxes have the following tell-tale signs:

Bad picture quality
Reversed Konami logo
White bordered text
On boosters, the seals at the top and bottom should be vertical not horizontal.
No gold/silver sticker

Two Exodia counterfeits.

Note the unusual font, ATK/DEF values on what should be a magic card and the logo.

The only card with an official Chinese release is "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

Often, fakes will have amusingly different card names to their legitimate counterparts.

These fakes are more convincing, but are still easily discernible to someone with a trained eye.