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Tell me about Wilmington, NC.?

I am moving out of Maryland next sping when I graduate college. I am thinking of Wilmington, NC. Please tell me everything there is to know about the town or direct me to a place where I can find out everything about the town.

I want to know about the crime rates (and what type of crimes are most frequent).

Is the cost of living high? Tax rate? Median salary? Median house cost?

How large is the town? Are there bad areas in the town?

Is it best to rent or buy down there?

Anything else will be very helpful.

I come from a suburb north of Baltimore, so I do know that the crime rates will be much lower than up here. I also plan on making a visit down there when they start filming for One Tree Hill. Also does anyone know when they start filming for the fall?

Thanks! I look forward to head down there!

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