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Positive psychology?

what is that is it a type of psycology or is ther al defrent kids of positive pscology and what are they

This question borders on philosophy. But yes there is positive psychology.

.....i like your concept plenty. yet another danger... Play a what-if interest. Divide the the rest 10 human beings into communities of three. study them a quick "what if" paragraph describing a ethical subject, which incorporate "What if a pal of yours asked for suggestion approximately what to do in a love courting wherein the better half grew to become into controlling?" each and every of the three write down their reaction on a sheet of paper. Ask different ethics-appropriate What If inquiries to the different 2 communities. each and every team compares discusses their 3 responses in front of the comprehensive classification. besides, have relaxing!

Positive psychology is the scientific study of the strenghts and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive.
A lot of traditional psychology is about working towards the solution of problems, illnesses and conflicts, mostly getting from negative states to neutral states. You could call that problem focused or "negative" psychology.
Most questions in Yahoo! Answers are problem focused.
Few are about thriving.
Positive psychology is interested in what to do to live a happy, meaningful, good life.
Big names: Maslow, Van Dusen, Casriel, Seligman.
Use a search machine, read the Wikipedia article on positive psychology, visit .
You will get tips on how to become an even happier person.