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Was the moon landing fake?

No ... but the education you have received is fake.

The landings on the moon did take place and more than once,, I seen it all unfold,, I seen the apollo misions launch and watched in awe as the landed upon the moon,, and man on the moon walking,,

after so many years the question is still alive. does this question have any relavence. many people died thinking it yes. and many will die beliveing it yes. who cares true or fake. yes- you can not fool masses for all time. people are also having some thing in their cranium.
then why don't they send any mission to moon now ?
i was young then and heard noise on radio set, does that mean it was real?
not only this many( 70% )of the space missions are just bluffed by ........
and if you keep on trusting them they will land man on mars.
mahesh / India

No. Do they it LOOK fake?

Why, NO!!!
What was fake was the insistence by so-called scientists that the moon had no atmosphere! It obviously has an atmosphere. Didn't you see the flag blowing in the wind when Aldrin planted it in the lunar soil? These No-Air conspiracy nuts are just trying to keep anyone from wanting to go to a wonderful vacation spot. I've heard that the twelve astronauts who landed on the moon each staked out claims about the size of Texas. Wow! Will they ever cash in when the tourists-to-the-moon rush starts!

Does the P.T.Barnum's phrase "there's one born every minute" mean anything to you?

No. All six moon landings happened.

All 6 moon landings were real and 12 people really have walked on the Moon. The first 2 were Niel Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Neil shuns publicity today, but Buzz is out there at public events all the time telling people about space.

Although my wife's father performed fuel calculations for the original Apollo landing, I'll spare you that speech. Instead, I will encourage you to watch two programs. The first show is called Conspiracy Moon Landing that it currently showing on the National Geographic Channel and it pretty much obliterates all of the popular conspiracy theories.

I would also encourage you to watch a movie called Capricorn One. Made it 1978, it is a fictional story about a fake mission to Mars. Although it is a science fiction story, it is a good example of how utterly impossible it would be to fake a moon landing for any length of time.

12 men walked on the moon from 1969 to 1972 and we have neither the resources nor the technology to pull off that big of a hoax for so long. Hundreds of thousands of people have worked on the space program. It would be far easier to put someone on the moon than to try and fake it and keep it secret for nearly 40 years.

The landings came at a time when our space program was ultra competitive with the former Soviet Union. Remember how big of a deal it was when Sputnik was put into orbit? They had the technology to monitor our moon shots and transmissions. Don't you think they would have called us out if they had evidence that it was all fake?

Perhaps the most definitive proof of our trip to the moon is what we left behind. For the last 35+ years, scientists have been beaming lasers to the moon and measuring the return times. How are they doing this? The beams are reflected back by equipment left on the moon on at 3 different locations.

Case closed.

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It's a scientific fact that we landed on the Moon. This is not an uninformed, subjective opinion, but rather an incontrovertible scientific fact. While there's a mountain of irrefutable evidence that absolutely proves that the landings were real, there's no actual evidence of a conspiracy.

If the landings were hoaxes, explain the following:
1) Radio telescopes across the world detected the Apollo transmissions only when pointed at the Moon. If there hadn't been a ship on the Moon, they wouldn't have heard anything.
2) Three missions left retroreflectors on the Moon. Professional astronomers have detected these reflectors thousands of times and use them to precisely measure the distance to the Moon.
3) Geologists have scrutinized the Moon rocks and have positively concluded that the rocks formed on the Moon. There's no way for NASA to have faked them.
4) No scientist questions the lunar landings. Would the average Joe really notice a scientific irregularity that the world's greatest scientific minds would overlook? Of course not.

The 'waving flag' and all of the other "evidence" in favor of a conspiracy have been soundly refuted by scientists. The conspiracy theory is little more than bad science, faulty common sense, and smoke and mirrors. See my source for a detailed refutation of the conspiracy argument. There's absolutely no room for opinion here - the landings happened.