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How does FINGER-ing work?
i don't really get it... what finger/s do they use?

and what do guys get from it?

just a thought? :)

we'll you can use any finger!
it gives great pleasure to men just to know that they're making their partner feel great.

As I understand it, men like to fell like they are in control.
The like to know that they even "control" or bring on our climaxes.
They also like to feel the ripples inside our vaginas, so they finger us.
Usually they want a big reward, like oral...

You can use any finger.
But it is best when somebody uses the third finger.
As it is long it gives a great pleasure to the counterpart.
One can also use mint flavoured oil during Fingering. Its cool and long lasting also..

fingering is when a male put his finger up a woman's

They insert a finger or fingers inside your vagina. Any finger that feels good for you.

With us this is just foreplay most of the time, they get you wet and ready for sex...and thats what they want.

good luck and have fun

You stick your fingers in your vagina, it's like sex but on a smaller scale.
The guy doesn't get much out of it...
And the fingers... it all depends on the person, they kind of decide.


u can't be serious --- its for you darlin -- all he is goona get is to see u get off --

you can use any fingers. But they mostly use the middle and pointer fingers. that's also how use girls masterbate. It feels gooood! Do it! Guys get to know that they fingered someone!

hi ,
i found this ebook where its really good explained :) i liked the pictures in it. pretty straightforwad uncensored info in ther :)

hmm i'll be as gentle possible in this part of your question.. however, let me start by defining what / where it is categorized.

before the sex play.. foreplay comes in order. under foreplay u have kissing and petting and fingering is part of the petting process. pls note that foreplay is required to enable sensations. also note that in foreplay, both mind and heart is induced to a an emotion related to sex drive.. thus what u call colloquially "hardness" (in men) and "moisture" (in women).

now, and fingering? well its basically inserting a finger in the vagina (for sensational purposes). and what finger? usually the middle finger (thus the finger we give when we feel irritated which is another story altogether :D) Anyhow, u will ask why inserting it in.. well, as explained above, it provides a particular sensation that stimulates arousal, both for and from the man and the woman in copulation.

so what do guys get? its the same as what women get.. arousal and sexual stimulation.

wow.. i would suggest u email me should you need further sexual definitions. honestly, i love to answer ur quries but i do feel so awkward doing it in public :D ..

then again, if u have a messenger do add me in.. lets talk.. ( just look past the sn, ok?