Sports » Football (American) » Is Micheal Vick the dumbest mother@ucker in sports?

Is Micheal Vick the dumbest mother@ucker in sports?

yeah pacman is up there but dam he should have taken that to trial. look at O.J

I hope he gets tared and feathered in prison, right before they make him their personal pin cushion.

Well, the vast majority of professional athletes in the NBA and NFL have had their degrees handed to them in college. What did you expect? High IQs?

you hit the nail right on the head son , michael vic is without question the most dumbest of dumb asses in sports history !!!

yes......I would say................

But he is screwed either way. Without protective custody, how long do you think he will last, now that he has agreed to inform...................the people that finance these operations are not known to be nice, nor will they hesitate to snuff Vick out to save their own tails.

Not That It Makes It Alright, but suppose Vick Was Led To This By A Father Or Uncle?? Hes Still Wrong No Doubt.

In response to SWAT, poster above me. Would you jump of a bridge if your dad or Uncle told you to? Vick is stupid and has his own free will like everybody else of what he wants to do. He could easily say no to his dad or uncle if that was the case. He just sealed his own fate !!!

Just another example of how the NCAA and major colleges fail to prepare athletes for the real world. It is fundamentally essential, especially since the raid the ghettos of america looking for the ultimate talent to make money for thier school, but fail to develop the players ability to function in society. How stupid is he. He didn't hire the attorney's, the NFL did, evidentally Vick did not think the investigation or the potential fallout was a serious matter. He was spending more time arguing with Nike and Reebok about dropping his shoe and jersey sales. What an idiot.

Yes. No doubt.

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I think you might be right.