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Guitar... :]?

got any guitar tips?
or a good site for guitar chords?

just keep playing, you'll get good eventually, go to www.ultimate-guitar.com it has lots of tabs and chords

probably the best site I've found for building guitar chords is chordbook.com; It's got this really cool chord dictionary, where it shows you the fingering, as well as the inversions, and you can even build a chord that you came up with, and it will tell you if its an actual chord or not, or at least make suggestions about what it would be called. It also has scale patterns, that can go forward and backwards, and you can even add a capo to the chords you build. What's incredibly cool is the graphic/interface it does all this with; it's on a virtual guitar that you can even strum.

Hows that for a good answer.

and then, once you learn TAB, then go to www.ultimate-guitar.com

Ultimate guitar is good for when your sprouting your rock wings.


But I'd say that Justin Guitar taught me everything from chord diagrams to songs. Not only that but they have video on how to play some songs. =]


Good luck. =]

The best tip I have learned is don't try to be so precise all the time. Consider that strumming most chords only needs to get two or three of those strings to be a proper chord. If you miss a string or two here or there, keep going and nobody will know and it will still sound good.



I've visited the recommended sites in the answers here and most just show you pictures of the chord you want. What you really need is the knowledge of what the parts of a chord name mean and a starting point to make ANY chord at least two ways. Try searching Amazon or the iBookstore for "Chordmaster Chord Theory." You'll find a book for guitar and one for piano. Both are years in the making. Both show you HOW to make chords without reading notes and without memorizing a picture for every chord. It's really NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, it's just a language that you can learn quickly and easily.

Ultimate guitar is the best

best of luck...(y)

Something bad *** I do alot is to strum Aminor to Eminor and after the pogression put your index fingure on 1st fret Bstring and middle finger on 2nd fret Gstring and slide u to 3rd fret Bstring and 4th fret Gstring. Youll like it its a very emotional chord pogression.

youtube. ive learned everything off youtube. you just cant give up.

Wow !!! Nice I like it very much. it is my favourite. Every Moment i practise guitar.

Hey there!

The guitar is awesome, you have to really love it. But if you practice, you can really make it work. My fave chord site is:


I also think you would be smart to check out tab(tablature) site. Guitar tab consists of a series of horizontal lines forming a staff (or stave,) similar to standard notation. Each line represents one of the instrument's strings therefore standard guitar tab has a six-line staff and bass guitar tab has four lines. The top line of the tablature represents the highest pitched string of the guitar. By writing tablature with the lowest pitched notes on the bottom line and the highest pitched notes on the top line of the tablature tablature follows the same basic structure and layout of Western Standard Notation.

The numbers that are written on the lines represent the fret used to obtain the desired pitch. For example, the number 3 written on the top line of the staff indicates that the player should press down at the third fret on the high E (first string). Number 0 denotes the nut - that is, an open string.

Tab is fun and much easier to read than musical notation. Check out this site for tabs of your favorite songs: