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in one's INput and OUTlook in Life?

I can't think of a better answer than that so succinctly expressed by Mamalissa. "If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change." I'm really impressed!

Attitude is about the only thing we can control (since it is mostly mental), making it one of our few possessions we can manipulate in this dream we call life.

Of course not all of us can constantly shape it to the best of our ability and to our benefit, but I speculate, it is possible.

R. W. Emerson-"People only see what they are prepared to see"(and receive) ...

the same goes for reflecting and giving outward.

great simply stated intrinsically complex question!

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If all you have is Attitude then it's a millstone around your neck. It is like salt in food, without salt many meals are pretty bland but a pinch goes a long way. Attitude can enhance what you are but it can't be substitute for substance.

Very essential i think with out attitude that our lives would be extremely boring its just a way of showing who we are.

I think it is very essential because a positive attitude is more open whereas a negative attitude is very much closed.
This has been my personal experience anyway.

I'd say it is very important it is what makes who we are as individuals in life. It is what helps us to show our emotions and how we look at life and even if we are going to be productive members in our society.

good and I will share it with you ok

Attitude is a compass. It gives a sense of directionality. Where is one headed to in life and how far will one go depends upon the attitude.Your attitude towards yourself, your family members, society, and towards yourself is a determinant that will spell how successful you will be in your llife and how likeable you are going to be.

As a woman in a church that has a reputation for being anti-women, I can say that I've been encouraged to lead a cell group (on my own), to evangelise, pray for the sick (and seen them healed), and now I'm doing preacher training, along with 2 other women. The Bible tells men to protect women, look after them, and encourage them to grow spiritually. I used to be a feminist, now I get it.

attitude is basically a persistent tendency of a person to feel and behave in a particular manner or way towards some object.
attitude can be bad or good
an attitude which is looking bad in front of you is considered as good in other country.
there are different factors which may help to build an attitude of a person bad or good
if a person is not adgusting to a place or area his attitude would be different and his attitude will be considered as bad in front of other people associated to that place.
ego , selfesteem of some people make him bad or good depends upon different situations .
for example ego of a person never letting him to take bribery so this is good attitude but if the ego of a person is that much strong causes destruction in the happy life of people then it is bad.
moral values of a person make his attitude tooand that is usually considered as good attitude.
knowlege and place from where you are acquiring knowledge gives input in making your attitude.
similarly many factors related to the surroundings of a person gradually contribute in attutide making of a person towards ceratin thing.
moreover happening of different incidences in your life also make your attitude defensive considered as bad for some people and for people good.
this is no the end
i will get it more in future INSHALLAH
so in short no nation , no society or any organization ignore the importance of attitude and on that basis personality or a background of a person is determined.
remember don't say a man bad , man is not bad
that's his attitude that is making him bad.
so hate his attitude but don't hate a person.
moreover get the reason
why does that person behave in that manner?