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I have heard about the problems with homeless people in Las Vega?

About how many are there in Vegas? Do they stay in any one particular area? Do they make Vegas unsafe?

There are tens of thousands of homeless throughout the Las Vegas valley. No, they do not 'stay in one particular area' - they can be found on the strip, in the 'rough' neighborhoods, in 'rich' neighborhoods - everywhere. They do not make Vegas unsafe; the sheer size of Vegas and the nature of the town make it unsafe unless you stay on the strip.

There are quite a few homeless people in Las Vegas. No they do not make the city dangerous. If these people were dangerous they probably wouldn't be homeless, they would either have found an illegal means of making money or they would be in jail.

I disagree with the last person's response about having to stay on the strip to stay safe. Las Vegas is safe in most areas including the strip, off-strip (with 6 blocks of the strip), and downtown on Fremont street. Anywhere that you would be as a tourist is safe.

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I've been to Vegas 3 times and have even walked around at night alone, and have never had a problem.
There are constantly tons of people walking around at all hours, so you kinda feel safe that way.

But mind you, like with ANYwhere you ever go and even in your home town, you have to practive 'street-smarts', be responsible and keep a look-out for your self. Cause with all the drinking and care-free attitude, anything could happen to you!
so still be safe!!

The criminals make LV unsafe.

i think the last estimate i heard was in the thousands. there is a large concentration of them on main street and foremaster lane just north of downtown. there is a shelter there. they don't really make the city unsafe. most just go about their business. there are a some parking lot lurkers here and there that can be a little pushy but for the most part there aren't many problems.