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I feel ashamed of myself : (?

i have never had a girlfreind in my life and i am 14 i dont know how to talk to them and beleave it or not at one time i had a chance but yet i was rtarted and did not really know to much ? i dont know how to talk to girls very well and i am worrying ill die never having a gf?

thats just sad you should be ashamed of yourself

stop worrying about it. you'll be just fine. at 14 everything like that is awkward, but you'll grow into it if you don't get yourself too anxious about it.

Ohmigosh, you are 14, you have your whole life ahead of me, one day, when you are ready, you will find a girl that you like and be able to ask her out. No worries, your young!

uhoh another 40 year old virgin. there is hope for you buddy. ever hear of confidence?

haha join the club iam 14 never had a boyfriend dont worry girls wana boy that smells good (no ax or anyother body spary that comes in a can ew) and cares about them thats all

You are gorgeous. Dont feel ashamed of yourself, at all !!!

Confidence is the key my man!!
At 14, you are supposed to be awkward, so you are on the right track. Its only the arrogant ones who arent and trust me, you dont want to be one of those.
Believe me, most girls your age, are exactly the same. When I was 14 I was petrified of boys. I didnt know how to act, walk or stand, let alone talk to boys.

You just have to pretend to be confident, even if you are sh*tting yourself on the inside.

My advice is, join some fun clubs, where boys and girls mingle. Get them know them on a fun friendly level. Try not to see girls as being so different. When you start to get to know girls, you will see that we are not just people you have ask out on a date. Just treat the girls like you would your friends. Be yourself and allow them to get to know you.
Make jokes, smile, talk about the latest movie you saw, or a popular tv show at the moment. Talk general stuff, like you would new friends.
Just remember though, your only 14, you have plenty of time to perfect it, and the girls you are talking to, most probably feel exactly the same way as you.

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I can 100% guarantee that you will not die before having a girlfriend. I predict you'll have many, and eventually marry one of them in 10-15 years.