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What are/Do I need these programs?

I'm going through my control panel add/remove programs so I can make some room on my computer, and I don't know what all the programs are so here are some I don't know, just tell me what they are and if I need them on my computer, thanks. Oh also what are other ways to get more room on my computer?

1. Adobe Flash Player 9 ActiveX
2. Adobe Reader 8
3. Conexant HD Audio
4. DivX Codec
5. DivX Content Uploader
6. DivX Convertor
7. DivX Player
8. DivX Web Player
9. ESU for Microsoft Vista
10. HP Customer Experience Enhancments
11. HP Easy Setup FrontEnd
12. HP Photosmart Essential 2.0
13. HP QuickPlay 3.2
14. HP Total Care Advisor
15. Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
16. Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistibutable (2 of this one)
17. MSCU for Microsoft Vista

Also do documents take up room on my computer? and how much room? Because I could go through old ones.

* And if I uninstal Microsoft Works when I have OpenBook will I not be able to open my documents

9 15 16 and 17 are essential for windows. 4 i would keep 5-8 are pretty much just another media player not needed. 3 is your audio. 10-14 are junk. 1 and 2 are worth keep many documents use adobe. documents are data so yes they take up room amount depends on how much info and type.

The adobe you need for opening pdf's. The Divx you need for dvd playback and recording. Most of the HP ones you can get rid of, but you might need them later. I am not sure what the others are. Documents do take up room, but not very much. I don't know about the openbook question but if it opens documents, you can probably uninstall works and use it instead. The adobe flash player is used for playing some games and is required for some websites.

To free up room, you can do disk cleanup and defragment. Videos and pictures take up the most room and audio files take up a lot of room.