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What do you think about Bill O'Reilly???????

O'Reilly is a self absorbed conservative bent on confusing the American public with his distorted views. He buys his way out of his own legal problems and tells the public that judges are too soft on criminals,(talking out both sides of his mouth) I think a judge that works with sexual harassment cases should try him in a court of law and if he is found guilty he gets the maximum. But this is not how deuce bags like O'Reilly get it. He can get by with everything as long as he is spinning the news for the tony snow's of the news media. He wants fair and balanced unless it has him in the crosshairs then he wants it in his favor.

Bill O' Reilly just always says what he thinks is right. But doesn't mean he is right. RIGHT?

I'm sorry mr no spin? He's dizzy from all the spinning he does

I think he is pretty cool...he shoots from the hip, no non-sense attitude and best of all--no spinning. lol

He is not afraid to say what is on his mind and does not waiver how he feels about things. He is not a sheep who follows everyone else just because they dont have the same opinion. I have disagreed with him once or twice but hey we cant all agree if we did we would live quite a boring life wouldnt we. If people dont like him then dont watch him. I like Simon Cowell for the same reasons.

He is one of my heroes! So are Michael Savage and Ann Coulter! They represent the politically incorrect and speak the truth for those of us that can't!

He's very good at spin. When that fails, he cuts his guest's mic off.

Billy Boy is an establishment shill.

The impressionable morons continue to swallow all of the tripe he ladles out.

Bill O'Reilly ? He's MY KIND OF MAN........a real man who is not afraid to speak out for what he believes, in spite of continual threats. This is a true journalist, who weighs and reports both sides of the news! I say 'BRAVO, BILL, keep up the great work, and may God continue to bless you !!

O'Reilly is the reasonable haired boy of Fox News/he has whole manage / His Audio Engineers use two buttons --low for sufferers and 'streaming SCREAMING for Bill / whoever told Obama to consent to at least one his Inquisitions must get replaced ! If Fox News were there while Joan of Arc used to be being interviewed Bill O'Reilly could were there with the primary lighted Torch ! And his conceited benign smile !

He's inadvertently the funniest guy on tv when he incessantly spews his Right Wing propaganda at any moderate or liberal. He's hilarious. I crack up when he tries to sell O'Reilly gear on his show like O'Reilly pens or golf balls to get dad for father's day. Can you imagine saying "Hey dad, I got you O'Reilly pens for father's day." LMAO. I love it when he claims to be an independent and is so blatantly conservative and anti-liberal. Chris Wallace even confirmed this. He cuts off any liberal from putting their views out there and is the best friend of a conservative guest. Everything has to be Christian for him.
Also, when he constantly denies being unbalanced, O'Reilly "doth protest too much." The "Fair and Balanced" slogan is the biggest indicator that Fox News is NOT Fair NOR Balanced from being said so frequently. O'Reilly is great for entertainment, even for liberals, just do not ever use Fox News or O'Reilly as a source for reliable news - it is very biased, partial, and slanted.