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What is a codfish guitar?

A. What is a codfish guitar and b how do u play electric guitar is it different from bass?

codfish is AU made. electric has 6 strings. bass has 4 . bass has deeper sound

A) No idea what a codfish guitar is.

B) An electric guitar is played by plucking strings (Order from top to bottom is EADGBe) and putting your fingers on frets. Electric guitars usually have 6 strings, sometimes 12, and bass guitars usually have 4 strings (EADG) the strings are usually heavier. Bass guitars are used for keeping rythym in the backround.

Bass! any individual who says electrical guitar doesnt realize a factor approximately tune seeing that they dont understand how many songs have method cooler basslines than guitar riffs. and guitars are all tiny and basses are tremendous, and guitarists are often ***** and bassists are cool

1. Codfish guitar is the screenname for a guy who posts online chat about the video game "Guitar Hero."
2. Playing electric guitar is completely different that playing bass.
For one, bass and guitar usually serve 2 comletely different purposes in a band.
Tonally, bass and guitar register in vastly different octave ranges (although there is overlap).
3. Playing Electric Guitar vs. Playing Bass:
Electric guitar is more likely to be played with a pick (though strumming or finger picking is a valid option)
Bass is more likely to be played without a pick (though some bassists like to use a pick)
Electric guitar players are more likely to use chords (especially rhythm guitarists)
Bass players are more likely to play individual notes and to use scales (although chords are possible)
Guitar players change strings about 20x more often than bass players.
Alot depends on your musical tastes, too.
Jazz? Metal? Folk? Flamanco?
There are different guitar choices for each.
What sound are you more drawn to:
Thick, fat, thunderous thumping? (The bass is callling you.)
Bright, gritty, crunchy, chugging? (Rhythm guitar wants your steady hands.)
Sharp, steely, stabbing, scaly runs? (Lead guitar wants your speedy fingertips.)

Whatever instrument you choose, you've got to stick with it for at least a few weeks until you get your calouses. After that, the possibilities open up you can start shearing through the frustration to the fun.

Here's why: