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Discount dental insurance?

Hello, I am looking into purchasing discount dental insurance for 20 a month for me and my husband. Thing is we need ALOT done. He needs 3 root canals, deep cleaning and a few cavities, i need 6 cavities and a deep cleaning. We only have about 100 a week left over after bills and need to figure something out? Does anyone have any expierence with this? I went on the site and found dentists in my area and how much things cost if you go to that dentist w/ this plan, and things are pretty cheap, but how do i know thats real, and how do i ask for a "exam" and an estimate? is that possible to both go in and get the free exam and xrays for new patients and then ask for an estimate w/ this insurance and let them get back to me? i really have no clue how to go about this. We really need this stuff done.

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